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Neat little story, I liked April's character. Entertaining stuff all round!

I liked the story and the ending a lot, really the ending But I was confused by April's occupation. Anyways wasn't sure how i felt about the black and white backgrounds mixed with color characters felt that they sometimes didn't mix. But over all I like it.

yeah, had a few of my friends confused by that... might need to edit that.

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Hey, that was a kick. Will you be continuing on the saga of April or go in a different direction?

April's story is done. I been thinking about expanding the story of the house itself though, but right now I'm working on something different.

Look forward to seeing what you put together next!

The Hungary House is engaging and suspenseful to the end. I found the mental images that came forth as I listened to the story line to be provocative and engaging. If you like suspense and a good horror story I recommend that you listen to it.

thanks glad you liked it.

You have a gift for weaving a story and capturing the audience. I look forward to your next game.