A downloadable Hungry House for Windows and macOS

6000 words kinetic visual novel with a single branching choice.

The Story is about April and what she will do to survive the Hungry House. The story is inspired by the horror movies of the 70s and leans heavily towards the gritty horror experience.

The visual novel was written as a short piece to teach me how to use TyranoBuilder, but also as an experiment to see house my art style would work within a visual novel format.

The game is mostly complete, though it is currently going through a grammatical edit process that could change some of the timing and content down the line.

The visual novel contains sexual and violent subject matter.

Install instructions

Unzip and play


The Hungry House Mac Zip (51 MB)
The Hungry House Window Zip (47 MB)


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Hey, that was a kick. Will you be continuing on the saga of April or go in a different direction?

April's story is done. I been thinking about expanding the story of the house itself though, but right now I'm working on something different.

Look forward to seeing what you put together next!

The Hungary House is engaging and suspenseful to the end. I found the mental images that came forth as I listened to the story line to be provocative and engaging. If you like suspense and a good horror story I recommend that you listen to it.

thanks glad you liked it.

You have a gift for weaving a story and capturing the audience. I look forward to your next game.